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A Deeper Look Into Pretzels

Easter Sunday: A Day to Celebrate!
Bunnies. Baskets. Brunches. And Jesus. What do all these things have in common? That’s right, it’s Easter! On April 17th, people all around the world share the celebration of a special holiday called Easter Sunday, also known as “The Sunday...
Pretzel Recipe: Our Favorite Homemade Soft Pretzels
If it wasn’t already obvious, we are die-hard pretzel lovers here at Pretzels.com. While our crunchy and irresistible pretzels happen to be our favorite, we truly enjoy pretzels of all shapes and sizes. If you share our passion for pretzels, you’re going to LOVE this easy recipe for homemade soft pretzels!
National Pretzel Day!
On April 26th, millions of pretzel lovers across America come together to celebrate their favorite twisted treat. This special holiday is the perfect opportunity for you to honor your passion for pretzels! In this article, learn all about the history and modern day celebrations of National Pretzel Day!