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Garlic Parm

Each tube is filled with 1/2 Lb | $12

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Our Garlic and Parm combination is a love letter to Italy. The pungency and spice of garlic married with the fruity and nutty taste of parmesan cheese unite to create culinary joy. Who knows? It might even be why Mona Lisa was smiling.

pretzels (unbleached enriched wheat flour (flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate-b1, riboflave-b2, folic acid), butter flavor salt, soybean oil, malt, yeast), seasoning (maltodextrin, salt, buttermilk powder, sugar, parmesan cheese (pasteurized milk, cultures, enzymes, salt), whey, garlic powder, onion powder, dehydrated parsley, natural flavors, expeller pressed canola oil (as a processing aid), starter distillate, <2% silicon dioxide [anti-caking]), canola oil

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Garlic Parm

Garlic Parm


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