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A History of Pretzels and Love (Part Two)
Previously, we began discussing how the intersections between the history of pretzels and love manifest into beautiful symbols. We discussed the phrase, “tying the knot” and how it is connected to pretzels commonly served at weddings to symbolize everlasting love....
A History of Pretzels and Love (Part One)
Pretzels have a long and rich history, and while they are not typically associated with love and romance, their historical paths have intersected quite a few substantial times. With Valentine’s Day, romance in the air, and looking for a unique...
Valentine Pretzels (Part Two)
Previously we began discussing a few Valentine’s Day gift ideas and how you can use pretzels to communicate your thoughts and appreciation. We talked about using pretzels as a base for a decorative treat for your partner, as well as...
Valentine Pretzels (Part One)
Pretzels have always had a connection to romance. With traditions such as being distributed to new weds in Austria and Italy to symbolize their union, showing your love with pretzels during this holiday season is a great way to demonstrate...