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A History of Pretzels and Love (Part One)

A History of Pretzels and Love (Part One)

Pretzels have a long and rich history, and while they are not typically associated with love and romance, their historical paths have intersected quite a few substantial times. With Valentine’s Day, romance in the air, and looking for a unique Valentine gift, this first part we will begin to discuss the history of pretzels and love. 

As pretzels had their roots in Europe from a very early period, much of their associated romantic traditions come from the area as well. The love knot is one of the most famous examples and stems from the phrase, “tying the knot” commonly associated with couples getting married. In Austria and Italy it was tradition to serve pretzels at weddings as the knots symbolize the intertwining and unbreakable nature of love and unity. 

They have since become more flexible, being used at weddings but also anniversaries, romantic celebrations, and really any event that celebrates the enduring bond between partners. They serve as not just treats, but also incorporated into decorations, adding a touch of charm and symbolism to any occasion. 

We hope you found this history of pretzels and love to be interesting and gave you better insight on the rich history of pretzels and romance! At we provide gourmet pretzels from sweet to salty and everything in between. With over 40 flavors baked in micro batches that we continuously are adding to, we are dedicated to providing the perfect pretzels for your own cravings or for others and events. Come view all our gourmet flavors and find the right one for you today!

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