Why Your Next Holiday Office Party Should Have Pretzels

Why Your Next Holiday Office Party Should Have Pretzels

It’s that time of the year again where holiday office parties are popping up all over. The season of ugly sweater companies and neon bright punch bowls have grown stale over the years. That’s why this year you can be the one to break the mold and upgrade the holiday office party. Instead of the usual finger sandwiches and stale chips, try introducing something a little more flavorful to the snack table. How about salty, chewy, sweet pretzels? That’s right. Artisan pretzels are the best holiday gifts and holiday office party favors around. These are some reasons why your next corporate get-together should include plenty of Pretzel pretzels.


Customizable Packaging

Unique gift packaging is the best way to impress the crown at your next corporate gathering. Just imagine finding an array of Pretzel pretzel tubes with your company’s brand or logo on them. Or maybe individually named designs so everyone can enjoy their personalized pretzel packages. Add whatever text or images you want that will get the office laughing or in a holiday mood and you have a great start to your annual office party!


Variety of Flavors

Pretzel pretzels are known for our dozens of unique pretzel flavors. An office holiday party would be the best way to show off all the different options. I’m sure you’ll find a flavor to satisfy any taste. Even HR will smile! (joking, you’re the best HR).

Try our Sea Salt Caramel pretzels for a sweet and salty surprise!  Or enjoy a spicy take with our Kickin’ Jalapeño. No matter what flavor you get out of the dozens available, these pretzels will be the talk of the party.  


Perfect Stocking Stuffers

What better way to bring joy and holiday cheer to your office than to give stocking stuffers? And what better stocking stuffers than unique pretzels? Customizable Pretzel pretzels are a unique gift for every taste. With customizable boxes, mix n’ match options, and mega sampler packs, a pretzel gift box is the best thing to receive this holiday season.

Upgrade your next office party with these tasty treats. Want to start planning this year’s best corporate holiday gathering? Click here and place your order.

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