What Pretzel Are You? Based On Your Favorite Holiday Movie

What Pretzel Are You? Based On Your Favorite Holiday Movie

The holidays are here so get you stocking ready and light up that fireplace. What perfect holiday tradition then to cozy up on the couch with some hot chocolate and a holiday movies. And how about the snacks? That’s right, the most important part are the snacks. And what better treat then pretzels! With so many unique pretzel flavors to choose from, how can anyone decide? Well, this list will help you choose the best holiday pretzel for you and your family.


Elf is a family friendly comedy about one of Santa’s helpers lost in New York City. A holiday treat and must-watch for any family tradition. This kind of movie is beloved by everyone and easy to enjoy. The perfect treat to get you in the holiday mood. And speaking of perfect treats. If you love Elf, then the perfect Pretzel pretzel for you is: Buttered Cinnamon Sugar Twist. This sweet, brown sugar, snack goes great with warm holiday drinks and blankets.

Home Alone

Everyone loves Home Alone. A movie that’s passed the test of time.  Your parents enjoyed it, and you and your children will enjoy it. A holiday classic that will be passed down from generation to generation. Keep this holiday tradition going with a classic, Cheddar. This cheesy classic always makes its way to the holiday snack table. Pass down the salty treat to the pretzel lovers in your life.

Die Hard

Is Die Hard a Christmas film? There is a lot of debate that always sparks up during the holiday season. But even then, no matter what side you’re on, this classic movie always hits the screens around this time. And no one is going to turn down a cup of hot chocolate and some Bruce Willis action. That’s why the perfect Pretzels pretzel to go with this movie is the classic salty pretzel. Is it really Holiday themed? No. Is it a perfect snack no matter what time of the year? Yes!

The Grinch

This green holiday grinch is a must for all holiday traditions. Even if it’s a bit sour in the beginning, it becomes heart warming and sweet towards the end. A perfect companion for this movie would be our Pretzel Chili Lime Flavor. This flavor starts out fiery and delicious, and slowly fades into a warm yummy taste. The perfect taste buds rollercoaster to go with The Grinch.

So there are some great holiday movies and even better Pretzel pretzel pairings. Try all the flavors (we got plenty) here.

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