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Unique Pretzels WorldWide (Part Three)

Unique Pretzels WorldWide (Part Three)

Around the world, plenty of people and cultures love pretzels just as much as we do and seeing expressions on our favorite treat is an amazing and delicious insight onto other cultures. In this article, we will cover more unique pretzels around the world and their flavor profiles!

Alsatian Bretzel- commonly found around cafes in France, these pretzels have a lighter and fluffier texture compared to other soft pretzels we are likely used to in the States. These snacks are often enjoyed with butter or are also commonly found served on charcuterie boards with cheese and other small bites.

Sesame Pretzel- found as a common street food in the Middle East, these soft pretzels are covered in sesame seeds adding a nutty and aromatic flavor to the snack. Best of all, these are often served with a side of yogurt or hummus for all your dipping pleasure! 

Pretzel Croissant- found primarily in Austria though it is also fairly plentiful in France, this soft treat is just as it sounds. A delightful fusion of a pretzel and croissant, this pastry combines flakiness with the distinct pretzel taste!

We hope you found these various and unique pretzels around the world to be interesting and insightful towards different cultures! At we provide gourmet pretzels from sweet to salty and everything in between. With over 40 flavors baked in micro batches that we continuously are adding to, we are dedicated to providing the perfect pretzels for your own cravings or for others and events. Come view all our gourmet flavors and find the right one for you today!

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