The Pretzel Batches: The Ranch Collection

The Pretzel Batches: The Ranch Collection

Ranch, also known as the condiment that can go on anything whether that’s a salad or a pizza. To embrace that versatility as well as have some fun with one of the zestiest flavors out there was our mission in the Ranch Collection. In this iteration of The Batches, we will examine the flavor profiles of each of the offerings in the Ranch Collection.

Garlic Ranch- the powerful flavors of garlic is coupled perfectly with the fresh zestiness of the ranch, delivering a tried and true delicious, herbal combo.

Buffalo Ranch- imagine two of your favorite dipping sauces combined, that’s how awesome it gets. The unique, savory flavor of the buffalo sauce with the contrast of the creamy ranch is like eating wings with ranch but without the mess!

Jalapeno Ranch- if you’re looking to kick up the spice, the jalapeno is for you. The refreshing flavor of the ranch serves to contrast the heat of the jalapenos, leaving you going in for another bite, and then another.

The Ranch Collection is available in its entirety online. Try the entire collection or if one flavor stands out they are all available individually as well! At we provide gourmet pretzels from sweet to salty and everything in between. With over 40 flavors baked in micro batches that we continuously are adding to, we are dedicated to providing the perfect pretzels for your own cravings or for others and events.

Come view all our gourmet flavors at and find the right one for you today!

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