Pretzels vs. Potato Chips - The Healthier Snack Option Is...

Pretzels vs. Potato Chips - The Healthier Snack Option Is...

In America, no two household snacks are more beloved than potato chips and pretzels, but does one hold an edge over the other? While taste is entirely preferential based, there are some distinguishing factors to be made between the two. In this article, we will be comparing pretzels and potato chips from a nutritional standpoint.

When it comes to nutrition, pretzels are generally lower in sodium, fat, and calories compared to potato chips. This is because chips tend to be processed a lot more in oil compared to pretzels which makes it more calories dense, and have its distinct flavor. So if you are looking to lose weight and still want something to crunch on, pretzels are a better option compared to chips.

When it comes to other nutritional value, both won’t offer much in terms of vitamins and minerals, though pretzels do have a slightly higher iron content which offers immune support though chips are higher in vitamin E.

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