Bourbon Bacon Pretzels

Pretzels for the Holiday Season!

Pretzels Make Great Stocking Stuffers for Christmas 

Are you a browser, when you shop? Someone who likes to compare prices and save money when you can? And when the Christmas holiday comes around, do you have a hard time finding everyone the perfect gift? Well get ready for the best experience in Christmas shopping ever, and from now on be prepared for any holiday party or event that comes! We've got some great ideas for stocking stuffers and gift ideas that involve pretzels you're going to love. All covered in this post, from your friends at!

Kids Love Pretzels

Whether your kids know you're really Santa or not really doesn't matter: they still expect someone to fill their stockings! Did you know there are some cool, easy ways to make holiday pretzels - for instance, from regular, plain pretzel rods? Then these delicious goodies can be individually wrapped, and make amazing stocking stuffers! (You can make other similarly easy pretzel recipes, see our blog on Holiday Pretzel Recipes!) Children can't get enough candy over the Christmas holiday, so why not make some pretzel turtles for a different kind of candy? Let's find out just how easy making turtle candy and pretzel rod candy is.

Simple Christmas Holiday Pretzel Treats 

Holiday Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods

To make terrific sweet and salty treats for the holiday with pretzels, start with pretzel rods and take different types of chips - regular chocolate, white chocolate, butterscotch, etc. - and melt in the microwave, adding a tablespoon of coconut oil until smooth and creamy. Dip pretzel rods in regular chocolate, white chocolate, and/or butterscotch about ¾ of the way, then sprinkle with crushed candy canes by rolling it in a dish with the crushed candy while still wet. Try sprinkles and nuts for different variations, and refrigerate for 15 minutes or until set. You can make them individually wrapped into sets of 3 with cellophane and tie with a green or red ribbon for a delicious and festive Christmas gift! 

Holiday Pretzel Turtles

For this classic holiday treat with lots of chocolate and caramel, start with regular pretzels and put them in a single layer on a parchment-lined baking sheet. Heat oven to 350° degrees. Take a Rolo chocolate covered caramel and unwrap them, setting one in the center of each pretzel. Pop them in the oven for 5-7 minutes until soft and starting to melt, but not too much. Take a pecan half and set it in the center of each one, slightly pressing down to spread out, and cool until set in the refrigerator. Voilá! It's that easy. Chocolate, caramel, pecan and pretzel - it's an absolutely amazing combination!

Pretzels for Lovers 

At, we have many gift set collections that make totally unique Christmas gifts that you can give to anyone. Whether kids, adults, the lady in your life or Santa himself, everyone loves pretzels. Pretzels are for lovers too, and a symbol of neverending devotion. A gift box of pretzels is a fun gift for the hostess of the next Christmas or holiday party you attend! Or perhaps you'd like to send a wrapped gift with a note. You can choose your own delivery date, and each tube is packaged with ½ pound of pretzels of each lot, flavor-packed and ready to eat!  

Some Gift Box Collections

The Buffalo Collection

buffalo blue cheese pretzels

The Bourbon Bunch Collection

Blueberry bacon bourbon pretzels

Know someone who loves Bourbon? If so, this gift collection would be perfect for them and well appreciated. Contains Blueberry Bourbon, Bacon Bourbon Jam and Kentucky Bourbon flavored pretzels. The ideal holiday gift for the consummate Bourbon lover - who happens to also love pretzels! For sophisticated adult tastes only, this collection is another great option for a Christmas present.

Do You Have a Passion for Pretzels?

If you have a passion for pretzels and like to pop them in your mouth often, one could call you a "passionate pretzel popper" - and here at we speak your language! Be part of the "Triple PPP Club" and stay up to date on any new line of pretzels, plus when you checkout on our website you'll see how much you saved, just by subscribing! 

Check out our 50+ flavors of delicious precious pretzel varieties and choose one of our terrific gift collections, or put together a custom gift set of your own. Gift cards are available too. We ship worldwide, so come search for the perfect Christmas gift on our awesome site, at today!


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