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Pretzels and Germany

Pretzels and Germany

The birthplace of pretzel baking, pretzels have a strong place within German culture. In this article we’ll go in depth on the different regions in Germany and how they enjoy pretzels!

In southern Germany, it's common to find many stands selling freshly baked pretzels. Beyond that, it’s also popular for pastry style pretzels that use different types of dough making some flakey. In the Rhineland region of western Germany, there are another kind of pudding filled pretzels that serve in the region's practice of Lent. On the fourth day, they hold a pretzel festival where these sweet pudding pretzels are given as gifts.

In the southwest Swabian region, pretzel sandwiches are a common dish and to make them properly, the pretzels themselves are different. These pretzels normally have a much higher fat content and more in line with a baguette shape than the traditional twists. These meals are normally combined with traditional weisswurst sausage. Throughout all parts of Germany, it's common for “Pretzel week” celebrations during carnivals where the people come together to share the joy and traditions of pretzels with one another.

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