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Pretzel History: The Automated Pretzel Machine

Pretzel History: The Automated Pretzel Machine

The pretzel has always been a simple thing to make, though as popularity rose, demand had to find a way to keep up. With more and more people wanting to snack on pretzels, it was bound for innovation to be made! In this article, we’ll discuss the first automated pretzel machine and its impact.

Up until the 1940s all pretzels were handmade, the biggest work to do was the twisting of the pretzel into that iconic shape. During that time with training, the average worker could twist 40 pretzels a minute, pretty impressive! This would all change when engineer Edwin Groff introduced the first automated pretzel machine to the Reading Pretzel Machinery Company in 1947.

This machine specifically automated the twisting of the pretzel dough. In recognizing the need for more efficiency, Groff developed more machinery to automate the cooker, salter, and oven in the early 1950s. By the time he was finished, large established bakeries were able to generate a whopping 245 pretzels a minute or five tons in a single day!

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