How Pretzels Are Made

How Pretzels Are Made

Pretzels come in many shapes and forms. Sometimes they’re crunchy and chewy, other times they’re soft and fluffy. Maybe you’ll find them in unique flavors like Honey Mustard or Bacon Jam. Or some might prefer the classic salted pretzel for any occasion. No matter your preference, all pretzels share the same core elements. Ever been curious about what it takes to make an artisanal pretzel like the ones in our store? Some of the methods might amaze you and make enjoying our Pretzel pretzels an even better experience.

The Dough

Pretzels have been around for a long time. Yet, their recipe has stayed the same. Simple and delicious. These days, our Pretzel pretzels are made with the core ingredients you’ll find in an everyday kitchen: water, butter, sugar, flour, and yeast. This, plus a little extra pizzazz makes our pretzel brand stand out from the competition.

Time For A Bath

One thing a lot of pretzel lovers don’t know is what gives these treats their traditional color and texture. Every pretzel has to go through this method before officially entering the salty, flaky, hall of fame. All pretzels need a bath! A baking soda and water bath to be exact. Dipping your prepared dough in this mixture is what makes the difference between regular bread and artisanal pretzels.

Do The Twist

You know the iconic pretzel shape. That’s what everyone imagines when they think of pretzels. We adopted that traditional shape and made it our own with a unique take on the classic look. You’ll find that our Pretzel brand gives you that classic pretzel taste with a unique style.

Now that you know how Pretzel pretzels are made, the next step is to try them yourself! And with dozens of unique flavors to choose from, our pretzel store will have something for every craving.

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