The Origin of The Pretzel

The Origin of The Pretzel

No one can argue that pretzels are not a common part of any snacking event – from Super bowl parties to cheese plate gatherings.  With so many options available today in the pretzel market including different pretzel shapes, pretzel flavors and different pretzel sizes, it’s hard to imagine a world without the salty pretzel goodness.  But, where exactly did pretzels come from?  We’re glad you asked!

The pretzel’s real origins are tangled in European history. In fact the pretzel legend can be traced back to a small Italian monastery on a hillside.  The local monks created a doughy pretzel recipe to bring treats to small children.  The baked dough and twisted shape was said to symbolism crossed arm in prayer. 

As the tradition spread through Europe, pretzels became a symbol of good fortune and eternal love. 

By the 1600s, the pretzel recipe travelled north to countries such as Switzerland.  In early writings and drawings, pretzels were depicted in wedding ceremonies symbolize the matrimonial bond of eternal love and “tying the knot.”

Rumor even has it pretzels were brought along with the pilgrims on the Mayflower as it departed Plymouth in 1620.  Pretzels were so easy to store and transport, it made for a refreshing salty snack for the long journey across the sea.

As German immigrants arrived in Pennsylvanian colonies in the 1700s, pretzels were at the forefront of their offerings and why we German’s are still associated with pretzels today. 


We will never really know where pretzels came from, but we do know where they are going: straight to your door! offers so many pretzel flavors you are bound to find something you love.  Grab some pretzel snacks today!

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