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How Popular are Pretzels?

How Popular are Pretzels?

Pretzels are one of the most beloved snacks around the world. With a rich history engrained in many cultures and groups, its no wonder its one of the most popular treats in the world, with a global evaluation of nearly $500 million! In the world, North America makes up the largest region in the global market, but what does that mean? In this article, we’ll discuss data to see just how popular pretzels are in the US.

According to data published by the US Statista Research Department, 2020 saw a reported 181 million pretzel consumers in the US. This is nearly 11 million more than 2011, which saw around 170 million consumers. With each American consuming two pounds of pretzels on average annually, that’s 362 million pounds of pretzels eaten annually!

One of the reasons why North America dominates the pretzel market is because of the snack industry leaning more towards health-conscious choices, with the pretzel being a good substitute to the American favorite of potato chips.

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