opening box of pretzels

Why Give Pretzel Gift Boxes?

opening box of pretzels

Did You Know…

When you're looking for gift ideas for really any occasion, you may overlook something wonderful - that's right, we're talking about pretzels! Not just because we're a slight bit partial to pretzels here at, but for what they symbolize historically and in multiple other countries around the world. 

Even here in the United States, we harbor avid pretzel lovers and rich history, as hard pretzels were invented in Pennsylvania back in 1850. We have National Pretzel Day and Pretzel Park, Pretzel City USA in Illinois, pretzel dance moves, pretzel bikinis, pretzels and beer, and other crazy pretzel phenomena - in addition to an annual $1.2 billion dollar industry. 

Religious Background  

Southern and Upper Germany are credited with the strongest claim to the pretzel's original history and popularity. Their history is rich with the pretzel, and something you may not know is that it actually has a religious background. Originally created to resemble a child's arms crossed in prayer, it also has been said to represent the trinity with its three holes. It has also been associated with Lent and Easter for other religious reasons.

Good Luck and Good Fortune 

box of pretzels with three pretzel containers

In some regions of Germany, for New Year's Day, it is tradition to give a sweetened pretzel to people you want to wish good luck and good fortune to. Children go to their Godparents specifically to retrieve a special "New Year's pretzel" that can be 20 or more inches in width. These specially made good luck pretzels are anticipated and celebrated. 

May 1st 

It is an old tradition that on May 1st, love-struck boys would paint a pretzel on the door of the girl they adore as a symbol of their love and devotion. If she felt the same way, she would give the boy a decorated Easter egg on Easter. However, an upside-down pretzel represented disgrace, having similar meaning as an upside-down cross today.


It is a tradition in certain areas to use a pretzel at weddings for good luck and fortune similar to a wishbone. The bride takes one side and the groom takes the other and they break it in half in front of the crowd. It is believed to bring them luck and good fortune in their new life together.


In addition, poor orphans in the city of Lübeck in the cathedral each year there is a gathering of boatmen who celebrate Pretzelfun. Children from a local orphanage sing songs for them and look forward to a pretzel reward, a long-time tradition. 

In the city of Osnabrück, an annual hobby horse race for 4th-grade children yields a pretzel for each one who finishes. The list goes on, and includes countless festivals and celebrations where the pretzel is considered a valuable, thoughtful, and delicious gift! 

In America 

Here in America, we have a real fondness for pretzels in particular. In fact, pretzels are such delights, we eat the salty treats with a passion! Gift-giving gourmet pretzels like the ones here at is indeed a reward, and the flavors will have you licking your fingers to get every last taste. Yum! 

Pretzel Gifts  

Of course, pretzels are treasured, but they don't last long. The irresistible crunchy and salty mix of a pretzel can be given as a gift for someone you care about, any day of the week. You can find the perfect gift basket here at, and we ship worldwide. 

So Many Choices…

So many choices, so little time! Pretzels are a wonderful gift, and perfect for cherished friends and family members. Pretzels are just perfect for the classic gift to say I love you or you are interested in someone. If you want someone to know they're special, sending them pretzels is ideal. Regardless of what kind of pretzels you're looking for, we've got you covered at!

three boxes of open pretzels 

We certainly hope you've enjoyed our post, all about giving the gift of pretzels! Pretzel lovers will find tons of delicious treats right here on, so come see all our selections soon and give the gift of pretzels! 

Gift cards are available too, and make easy work out of that hard-to-buy-for person. This holiday season, remember us here at! 

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