The Pretzel Bun Craze

The Pretzel Bun Craze

2019 marked a year for many events, one being the release of the pretzel bun at Burger King, sparking a never before seen hustle for specialty buns across the nation. In this article, we’ll explore restaurant's use of pretzel buns and other specialties to promote their products.

In a 2020 survey, one in four restaurants in the US offer pretzel or gluten-free buns with this number on the rise. The main reason for this is in an effort to differentiate their menu from their competitors, with a specific focus on the bun.

According to a 2021 Datassential report, restaurants were more willing to change their buns rather than any other burger part such as cheese, toppings, or sauce. The main reason behind this can be that it is the least controversial change that won’t deter customers from a normal burger. In that same survey, they found that 59% of millennials found pretzel buns to be “extremely or very appealing” and in general, millennials are more interested in non-traditional buns compared to other generations. Don’t be surprised if you see more pretzel buns in your local spots!

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