The Mega Pretzel Sampler Pack (Part Two)

The Mega Pretzel Sampler Pack (Part Two)

Picking and choosing between so many previous choosings can be tough! In our previous article, we began discussing our Mega Sampler Pack, a collection of our best selling fan favorite flavors. In this second part, we will wrap up our six premium offerings available ½ pound tubes!

Buttered Cinnamon Sugar Twist- pretzel snacks don’t always need to be a salty snack! With this deliciously sweet brown sugar cinnamon snack, the perfect dessert pretzel can finally be yours!

Kickin’ Jalapeno- this powerfully delicious snack can kick you in the butt! With that distinct jalapeno heat balanced with a subtle sweetness, this snack is for you if you’re looking for a delicious challenge to take on.

Garlic Ranch- garlic can be an overwhelming flavor if not balanced properly, but with our cool, zesty, and creamy ranch, this crunchy snack is delightfully satisfying and has an incredibly refreshing flavor that’ll have you reaching your hand into the bag again and again.

The Mega Sampler Pack is available in its entirety online. Try the entire collection or if one out of any of the six flavors stands out they are all available individually as well! At we provide gourmet pretzels from sweet to salty and everything in between. With over 40 flavors baked in micro batches that we continuously are adding to, we are dedicated to providing the perfect pretzels for your own cravings or for others and events.

Come view all our gourmet flavors at and find the right one for you today!

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