Ringing in the New Year with Pretzels

Ringing in the New Year with Pretzels

The holiday season is over, your new year’s resolutions are set, and winter’s in full force. What’s next? Maybe, you’re looking for an escape from the winter blues, but you can’t get away for a vacation right now.

Don’t worry, while we can’t send you on a getaway, we do know a thing or two about cheering you up with our delicious assortment of pretzels. In the meantime, let’s explore pairing flavored pretzels with your staycation or that weekend get-together it’s your turn to host. 

It’s Monday and you’re daydreaming of sitting on a beach sipping your favorite cocktail or refreshment and reading your favorite book. We have a perfect solution! Biting into our refreshing mango daiquiri pretzel transports the ocean to you while satisfying your sweet tooth. To complete the experience, try pairing it with your favorite white or dark rum.  

Now is remembering the ocean breeze from your last tropical vacation and taking a swim in the cool salty waters making you crave something more savory?

Nothing beats the winter blues, then taking a trip down memory lane with sea salt caramel pretzel. Not too sweet or salty, they’re the perfect combination of sweet and savory. Pair it with your favorite beer or a glass of white wine.

And for that get-together, you’re hosting? Whether you’re setting up by your fireplace or poolside, impress your guests with grilled cheese n’ tomato soup or garlic ranch pretzels for an appetizer. For dessert, try offering apple strudel, homestyle honey mustard, or dark chocolate popsters  with bite-sized pretzel fillings for an explosive taste of goodness. 

And remember, if you’re a pretzel lover like we are, Pretzels.com has you covered with a variety of flavored pretzels to twirl you away from the winter blues to your happy place.     

From our family to yours, we wish you an amazing 2023!

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