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Gourmet pretzels being poured into hand

Fun Halloween Ideas: Pretzel Treats

pouring pretzels into hand

Get Creative

Can you believe it? Halloween is almost here already, and I don't know but it seems like this year went by so fast it's just a blur! If you've got kids (or you're just a big kid yourself, lol;) and your family loves pretzels like mine (these are our favorites), why not try out some of these spooky Halloween pretzels? From pumpkins to mummies and even aliens, here at, we've got you (and your pretzels!) covered. In chocolate, that is - yummy! 

Chocolate Covered Pretzels 

One of the best ways to decorate and eat these spooky Halloween pretzels is by covering them with melted chocolate. You can use either regular milk chocolate or white chocolate, and melted white chocolate can be changed to whatever color you need. Then, you can use little colored candies or candy melts for added decorations. 

These are not only fun to make for the kids, but they're also delicious, too! Just pop your regular or white chocolate chips in the microwave oven for about 30 seconds and stir until smooth. If necessary, use additional 10-second bursts at a time in the microwave, stirring until desired smoothness is achieved.

Dessert Cuisine 

Being that it's Halloween time again, recipes for dessert foods are what the kids crave. And what better for a pretzel lover than spooky Halloween pretzels? I would say we're going to go over some of my favorite recipes using pretzels, but they are so easy you don't really need much. Still, we will go over what you need and how to make these newest recipes, so you can make a delightful sweet Halloween treat for (or with!) your kids!  

limes with pretzels

Pumpkin Pretzels

To make this recipe, you just need a few ingredients and it is super simple. All you do is melt some white chocolate chips (see above) or orange candy melts in the microwave, and add 2-3 drops of orange food coloring until you get the shade of orange you want. Then, you just dip the pretzels in the melted chocolate and set them on a cookie sheet with some wax paper lining the bottom. 

Next, take a green piece of candy, such as an M&M or Skittle, and set it on top of the pretzel while the chocolate is still soft. When finished, set inside the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes to an hour, until set. Store these in an airtight container for best results.

Mummy Pretzels 

For the mummy pretzel recipe, as you can probably already guess, just dip pretzels in your melted chocolate (white, of course) and set them on wax paper in a cookie sheet. Then you can put in some candy eyes, and drizzle white chocolate in a zigzag pattern across the front. Spooky and cute, these mummies will delight your kids and are a great Halloween treat! 

Remember, you can use white chocolate chips, chocolate candy or chocolate melts to dip pretzels in. You can use yogurt-covered pretzels as well! All types should melt fairly well. Tip: use a little coconut oil or melted butter if when you try to melt chocolate, the consistency is too thick.

Alien Pretzels

For making alien pretzels, you just need some green candy melts or green food coloring and some little candy eyes, or a frosting tip applicator to make the eyes. Otherwise, this recipe is the same! You can also use yogurt-covered pretzels, they're already white and better on calories. If you have excess chocolate that's green, save it for our green Frankenstein pretzel rods! 

Tip: you can also make owls, just use regular brown chocolate melts or chocolate chips for dipping pretzels. Then you'll just need candy eyes, and you can use pieces of a broken pretzel for owl ears, and pieces of candy corn for the nose. These delicious chocolate-covered pretzels are so cute! 

cinnamon sugar pretzels

Pretzel Rods 

For making pretzel rods into ghosts, mummies, Frankensteins, fingers, etc., you'll need white chocolate chips (or melts) and green candy melts (or food coloring), and a tall glass to dip pretzel rods in. You'll also need candy eyes and sprinkles, and hopefully, you still have some brown chocolate or even chocolate chips left for decorating.

Fill as much melted chocolate as possible into the glass, and dip the pretzel rod in. Use a spoon to get it covered in a layer of thick chocolate (they are also thick). Take some of the green ones and shake the long chocolate sprinkles and sprinkle over the end for hair. Try sprinkles or drizzle colors on some, for fun! Lay rods on wax paper too.

Halloween Pretzel Marshmallow Chocolate Covered Skeleton Cupcakes  

These delightful Halloween treats are as AMAZING and delicious as they sound, and this recipe is super simple, spooky, and too cute! Prep time is none to speak of, just like the other easy recipes here. 

You'll need large marshmallows and mini marshmallows, yogurt covered or white chocolate covered pretzels, candy eyes, and straws. In most stores, they will sell premade Halloween marshmallows, just like pictured above! You can just buy cupcakes, ding-dongs or if you prefer, you can make some. 

Either way, take a straw, cut it in half, and put one end into a cupcake. Take yogurt or chocolate-covered pretzels and use the pretzel twists in the center to loop over the top of the straw. Then use the mini marshmallows as spacers between 2 more pretzels, and place a large marshmallow at the top. Break a pretzel in half for the arms, and these fun, cute skeleton cupcakes are a delicious Halloween hit with kids!:

Candy Corn Rods   

Candy corn pretzel rods are simple to make and a fun food everyone can enjoy. Use white chocolate-covered pretzels (rods) and use melted candy corn candies for dipping the tops. You can use sprinkles on them and the picture above features plastic spiders and orange ribbons. Get creative with them! Both delicious and fun, these will be a Halloween hit! 

Happy Halloween From!! 

If you love pretzels, Halloween is a great time to make some of these cute, fun treats! We hope you've enjoyed these recipes for fun things you can do with pretzels for Halloween. We hope you will come back and visit our website soon to see all the wonderful pretzel treats we will be offering. Until then, Happy Halloween from! 

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