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A Pretzel by Any Oher Name…

A Pretzel by Any Oher Name…

As we head into 2023 there will be a lot of “new” adventures and technologies.  Before we look to far ahead, let’s take a look back.

Did you know that Pretzels were not always called “Pretzels?”  Over the centuries, the baked treat became an integral part of German tradition. Depending on the region and upper-German dialect, they went by many names including: brezebreznbrezzlbrezgenbretzgabretzetbretschlkringelsilserli, and sülzerli.

Eventually these were all simplified down to one word: “bretzel.” In certain German dialects the sounds for the letter “b” and “p” were identical, so English speakers would just use the latter. In fact, if you go deeper into the history of the word, the word “brezel” is an alteration of the medieval latin word “Brachiatellus” which means having branches like arms.

This is where the inspiration for the pretzel shape comes from. This design was not only eye-catching it was also functional; pretzel makers would display the pretzels by hanging them on sticks in their shops.  

We don’t hang ours from anything like they did back in the day, but we did make a much more convenient snack to flavor, grab a handful and share. As a digital premier pretzel shop, we offer a large variety of options including over 45 flavors of pretzels. So what are you waiting for?  Shop now to find the perfect gift for yourself, a family member or a friend. 

Enjoy a tasty, sweet (and a little salty) 2023!

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