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Sweet Tooth Collection Gift Box

- 3 Tubes. 1/2 Lb Each. + Gift Box | $39

Arrives In As Fast As 2 Business Days

Salted Honey Butter - Whether it’s on top of a piece of warm bread or drizzled all over popcorn, butter makes everything better…. including pretzels. Soft and creamy with swirls of sweetness, our salted honey butter trio is a terrific trifecta of taste. We really stick the landing on this one.

Sea Salt Carmel - Take a trip down memory lane with this pretzel flavor, back to when you walked the candy shop on the corner with a cheek full of caramel and a pocket full of taffy. Each ingredient comes together at a place where sweet and savory collide, the quintessential combo for snack satisfaction.

Buttered Cinnamon Sugar - Our brown sugar cinnamon pretzel makes use of one of the tastiest culinary combinations around. It’s a tribute to sweet tooths everywhere and just what you need to turn your tastebuds into your best friends. Yep, we’re making “dessert pretzels” a thing.

Sweet Tooth Collection Gift Box

Sweet Tooth Collection Gift Box


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